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Bust a Move: Why Dancing Should be Your Go-to Workout

Recently, it seems like people are really getting into watching other people dance. Look at some of the top-rating reality TV shows and they’re mostly about dancing. (Dancing With the Stars? So You Think You

father and son at the beach

Get Your Children Moving to Become Healthier

Children can be inconsistent when it comes to physical activity. Sometimes, they are running around screaming until they’re hoarse. Other times they are only sitting in front of the computer screen. Regular physical activity is

a man with a nice coat

What You Guys Should Have in Your Wardrobe for Fall

Fall is such a lovely weather. You get to enjoy the mornings without suffering from heat and sweat, and you get to walk around during evening with your hands tucked inside your coat’s pockets, feeling

Man on a hunt

Gearing Up for the Hunt: Tips for Camouflage Clothing

Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest activities known to man, dating back to prehistoric times before farming and cultivation even started. There have been cave paintings from the Neolithic era showing humans hunting deer.

football match

Top 10 Legendary Football Teams

There is a lot of discussion and debate about the best football teams of all time. Younger fans would contend that their teams are the best, even without having seen nor considered teams that were

Father and Son with Ski Gear in Ski Resort

Learning the Basic Techniques of Skiing

Just like any sport, learning necessary skills is essential in skiing. Even professional skiers started the fundamentals, and still apply it every time they hit the trail. Mastering the basics can make it easier for

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