Reasons People Are Triggered by Archery in a Good Way

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In the early 2010s, archery rose in popularity because of its representation in films like Hunger Games and The Avengers. The characters named Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye from these films demonstrate that archery is a valuable skill to protect themselves and others.

But even outside a battlefield, archery is very enjoyable. It’s so fun that in the U.S., approximately 7.7 million people, six years old and up, participated in archery back in 2017. There’s an exhilarating feeling in picking up a bow and shooting an arrow. And for history aficionados, they’ll get a kick out of playing one of the oldest forms of sports.

If you’re interested in archery, you’ll be happy to know that playing it regularly comes with many benefits:

Sharpens Hand-eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is an essential cognitive skill that you apply in basically every aspect of your life. For example, even the simplest act of tying your shoelaces or typing on your laptop requires a developed hand-eye coordination skill.

In archery, hand-eye coordination is also a key to perform well. The movement of your hands, such as adjusting your aim and letting go of the arrow, depends on feedback from your eyes. Therefore, playing archery regularly will help you sharpen your hand-eye coordination and make it as developed as possible.

Improves Focus and Attention


Rumor has it that people’s attention spans are getting shorter as the years go by. This is especially evident in their use of social media. For instance, one person might not be interested in watching one YouTube video with a 10-minute run-time. But they’ll gladly binge on several Tiktok videos that run for 15 to 60 seconds.

But having a long attention span is essential. If you can focus for long periods at a time, you can accomplish certain tasks swiftly without getting distracted. A long attention span is also useful in learning new skills or topics.

Archery will help you improve your ability to focus. When you aim for the target, you need to stay very still and be patient. You need a lot of focus to find the perfect position that will help you get a bull’s eye. With practice, you can train yourself to have a longer attention span than before, which you can apply in other areas of your life.

Strengthens Upper Body

Like other physical sports, archery can be a form of exercise. In particular, this sport targets your upper body. When you play archery, you will mostly use your shoulder and upper back muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi muscle, trapezius muscles, and rhomboids. You also need to use your biceps and triceps. All of these work together when you carry the bow, pull its string back, and release.

You’ll have a more intense “workout” when you use a heavy bow. It’s not really easy to lift it and keep it still for a while as you aim for your target.

A strong upper body is important to perform daily activities and improve your flexibility and mobility. Despite the occasional muscle pain, which comes with any sport, your body will thank you for playing archery.

Improves Posture

A good posture is important in archery. It will help you aim and shoot your target with accuracy. As you play archery more frequently, you’ll become more conscious of how you align your back, whether when you’re standing or sitting down. So even though the sport itself doesn’t result in good posture, it’s a gateway that will help you improve it.

Improves Social Skills

Archery is more of a competitive sport than a simple hobby. So you’ll inevitably meet new people. And they automatically have the same interest as you. So these connections can become meaningful and add value to your life.

For example, they can become your archery buddies. You may also branch out and try other sports similar to it. For example, you might want to try an indoor driving range for a round of golf or try target shooting together.

Boosts Self-esteem

Archery is a great venue to improve your self-esteem. Each time you play, you make an improvement in the way you aim, the way you release the arrow, and your posture. These small improvements will accumulate. And after a few days of playing, you’ll realize how much you’ve grown in the sport. This growth will help you see yourself in a better light.

Archery is an amazing sport. And it can be a valuable hobby that has several benefits. It can help you get a workout, meet new people, and grow as an individual.

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