Encouraging Your Kids To Get Into Fitness

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  • Involve your kids in your fitness routine. Go for a family walk or try a fitness class with your kids.
  • Set small, achievable goals, then gradually increase the difficulty level and set new goals for your kids.
  • Try a variety of exercises, like yoga, hiking, or swimming, to mix up your kids’ fitness routines.
  • Make fitness fun for kids by turning exercise into a game, trying dance parties, outdoor adventures, and indoor trampoline activities.

Encouraging your kids to get into fitness is one of the best things you can do for their overall health and well-being. Regular exercise can help improve their physical and mental health, boost their self-esteem, and promote a lifelong habit of healthy living. Here are tips for encouraging your kids to get into fitness.

Lead by example.

Leading by example is one of the most effective ways to encourage your kids to get into fitness. If your kids see you prioritizing fitness, they’re more likely to follow your lead.

Make it a point to exercise regularly and involve your kids in your fitness routine. Go for a family walk, bike ride, or try a new fitness class together. By making fitness a family activity, you can show your kids that exercise can be enjoyable.

Set achievable goals.

Establishing achievable goals is an important part of encouraging your kids to get into fitness. Goals can help motivate your kids and give them something to work towards.

Start by setting small, achievable goals that are specific and measurable. For example, you could set a goal for your child to run a mile without stopping or do ten push-ups. As your child achieves these goals, you can gradually increase the difficulty level and set new goals.

It’s important to celebrate your child’s achievements along the way, whether it’s with a special treat or a fun activity. This will help keep your child motivated and engaged in their fitness routine.

Mix it up.


Variety is essential when it comes to keeping kids engaged in their fitness routines. Doing the same activity over and over can quickly become tedious and uninspiring.

Mix it up by trying different types of exercise, like yoga, swimming, or hiking. You can also try incorporating different kinds of equipment into your family fitness routine, like resistance bands or medicine balls.

Mixing up your fitness routine can help keep your kids engaged and excited about exercise. It can also help prevent injuries by working different muscles and reducing the risk of repetitive strain.

Make it fun.

Kids are more likely to stick with an activity if they find it fun and enjoyable. When it comes to fitness, there are plenty of ways to make it fun and engaging for your kids. Here are a few examples:

Turn exercise into a game.

Kids love to play games, and turning exercise into a game is a great way to make fitness more enjoyable. You can create simple games like hopscotch or relay races or use fitness-focused apps that incorporate interactive elements like scoring and rewards.

Another fun idea is to use a fitness tracker to encourage friendly competition between family members. Kids can set goals for steps taken, calories burned, or distance traveled and compete with each other to see who can reach their goal first.

Dance parties.

Dancing kids

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise and a fun way to get kids moving. Set up a dance party in your living room or backyard, complete with fun music, colorful lights, and plenty of space to move.

You can also try dance-based video games, like Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution, which are great for getting kids active while also encouraging their love of music and dance.

Outdoor adventures.

Getting outside and exploring nature is an excellent way to get kids moving while also exposing them to new experiences. Plan a family hike, bike ride, or scavenger hunt in your local park or nature reserve.

If you live near a beach or lake, you can also try water-based activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, or surfing. These activities are not only fun but also great for building strength and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Try indoor trampoline activities.

Trampolining is a fun and low-impact exercise that can help improve children’s balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Indoor trampoline activities like bouncing basketball and dodgeball have become increasingly popular in recent years. These activities are great for kids of all ages. They can help improve their physical fitness while providing a fun and exciting experience.

Incorporating fun and exciting activities into your child’s fitness routine can help them develop lifelong healthy habits while having fun and creating lasting memories.

Encouraging your kids to get into fitness is essential to promoting their overall health and well-being. By leading by example, making it fun, setting achievable goals, and mixing it up, you can help your kids develop lifelong habits of healthy living.

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