How To Become An Olympic Athlete

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Every other year when the Olympics happen, it comes back to mainstream consciousness with people posting some of the latest news, controversies, memes, and their favorite athletes from the sports event. It is inspiring to see people from different countries and backgrounds compete to win the Olympics medals. If you’ve ever felt inspired to become an Olympics athlete, then here is some information to get you started on your dream.

7 Steps To Get In The Olympics

In a 2008 Forbes article, they gave vital information that anyone aspiring to become an athlete in the Olympics needs to know. Most Olympics athletes don’t just practice; they train their whole lives. But how long is that?

There isn’t a specific amount of years that each athlete needs to follow. It also ultimately boils down to the coach or trainer and the sport an athlete is training for. But the average training time is around four to eight years to become a part of an Olympic team. Yes, that is a long time. If you think you have that time to devote to the Olympics and if you are curious about the steps that you need to take to get in, here they are:

  1. Evaluate your physical condition.

Of course, the first step you need to know if you are physically capable of training and competing for the Olympics. This step is not a way to discourage you, but it’s for you to know if you are in perfect health to submit your body to rigorous training. You can ask trainers to help you find out.

  1. Choose your sport.

By this time, you probably would already have a sport in mind that you want to spend the next four to eight years training for. If not, you can choose a sport you know you can excel at, depending on your athletic hobbies and interests. You can also check out a list of sports that the Olympics have to give you a better perspective of your choices.

  1. Prepare for years of training.

a red helmet for taekwondo, held by an athlete

It would be time to start your training after deciding which sport you want to train for and eventually compete in. You can join an athletic club or a recreation center where you can prepare. Of course, you should have a workout routine and eat healthily. Additionally, you can take training or activities that you think may help you stay in shape, like a pole-dancing class, some tumbling lessons, rock climbing, and more.

  1. Become a member of the National Governing Body and start competing.

Now, it’s time to take your Olympian athlete goals to the next level by joining the National Governing Body or NGB, which could help you land a spot in a tournament for the National Championships. By this time, having a coach to train you will help you get in better shape for the matches.

  1. Get financed.

When you’ve already reached this stage, it means that you’re closer than ever to get into the Olympics. But you will need to start training full-time now, which means that you would need to give up your other hobbies and jobs. If you are financially stable, then that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re not, you will need to find some ways to support yourself.

You also have several options on how you can go about getting yourself financed. First, you can attend college with an athletic scholarship, take up a residency in an Olympic Training Center, or get sponsored by a company.

  1. Attend the National Championships and choose the country you will represent.

For most Olympics sports, the National Championships are the key to getting into the Olympics. Here, you can get scouted for the Olympics, securing you a spot in the sports event. Then, you can choose the country that you want to represent; you can select the country where you are a citizen or another country that doesn’t have any specific rules on who they would allow to represent them.

  1. Qualify for the Olympics.

Now, you’ve finally reached this stage. Before getting excited, you have to remember that each sport would have a different process that you have to go through to qualify for the Olympics Team. A team could handpick you, or you could get chosen based on your track record and achievements during the previous competitions. There will also be some tryouts for each team and sport.

Go For The Gold

While you are training for the Olympics, you shouldn’t forget to take it easy and take some time to rest and get enough sleep. It’s essential to keep both your mind and body healthy. Now, when you get in the Olympics, it’s time for you to get the gold medals. Good luck!


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