The Key People In A Formula One Setup And Their Roles

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Watching sports is exciting, especially if you know and understand everything going on in it. Imagine if you were to watch a football game without knowing anything about the teams, the players, or the game rules. It would be pretty confusing, right?

The same goes for Formula 1 racing. You may know who the best F1 racers are, but it would be fantastic if you also know the people who make the sport possible — the key members of an F1 race team and what they do.

You may have seen a lot of people in an F1 race. A single F1 team alone could consist of up to hundreds of people. That can confuse viewers who are new to the sport.

To appreciate and understand an F1 race, you need to know the key people in an F1 race team and their roles. So, without further ado, let’s look at the key people in an F1 race team and their functions.

The Team Principal

  • The team principal is the head of the team and is responsible for its overall performance. They make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. The team principal also decides on the team’s strategy during a race. They communicate this to the drivers and the pit crew.

The Drivers

  • Of course, the drivers are the ones who drive the cars around the track. They are the most critical team member and is responsible for getting the best possible results. But they are also responsible for providing feedback to the team about the car’s performance.
  • They also have to be careful not to damage the car while driving, as this can cost the team valuable time and money.

Chief mechanic

  • The chief mechanic is in charge of the mechanics and makes sure that they are doing their job correctly. They also communicate with the driver for instructions on setting up the car.
  • The chief mechanic has to be very careful not to make any mistakes, as this can be very costly for the team.

Race engineer

  • The race engineer is responsible for the strategy during the race. They communicate with the driver. They tell them when to pit, when to push, and when to conserve fuel.
  • A race engineer provides valuable input to the driver about the car’s performance and how to improve it.

Data engineer

  • The data engineer is responsible for collecting and analyzing all the data from the car. It is then used to improve the car’s performance and the team.
  • Data engineers should be able to understand and interpret data quickly and accurately.

Tire specialist

  • The tire specialist is responsible for choosing the right tires for the race. They also communicate with the driver to give them instructions on using the tires.


  • The aerodynamicist is responsible for ensuring that the car has the right amount of downforce. They also work with the engineers to ensure that the car is as aerodynamic as possible.
  • Aerodynamicists are usually very experienced engineers who have a lot of knowledge about the science behind aerodynamics.

Marks of wheel track

The marshalls

  • The marshalls are responsible for the safety of the pit crew and the drivers. They make sure that everything is in order and that no one is in danger.
  • Different types of marshalls have several responsibilities. For example, flag marshalls are responsible for waving the flags to signal the drivers, while pit marshalls use speed guns to ensure that the drivers are not going too fast.

Safety car driver

  • The safety car driver is responsible for driving the safety car during a race. They ensure that the vehicle is in the correct position and that the drivers are safe. Safety car drivers are essential because they provide that the race can continue even with an accident.

Medical car driver

  • The medical car driver is responsible for driving the medical car during a race. They make sure that the vehicle is in the proper position to rescue anyone involved in the race accident.
  • Medical drivers should be quick and efficient in getting the drivers to the hospital as soon as possible.

Race director

  • The race director is responsible for the overall running of the race. They ensure that everything is going according to plan and that the race is fair.


  • The refueller is responsible for refueling the cars during a pit stop. They have to be very careful and make sure that the fuel goes into the car and not onto the track.

Now that you know the key people in an F1 race team and their roles, you can appreciate the sport even more. So, the next time you watch a race, pay attention to all the people behind the scenes. See how they contribute to the success of the team and the race itself.

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