Bust a Move: Why Dancing Should be Your Go-to Workout

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Recently, it seems like people are really getting into watching other people dance. Look at some of the top-rating reality TV shows and they’re mostly about dancing. (Dancing With the Stars? So You Think You Can Dance? Do you remember “America’s Best Dance Crew”?)
But, why just sit and watch other people have fun when you can be enjoying dancing yourself? It has a number of great benefits for your body and mind, and many studies have shown how dancing can help you reach your ideal weight, stay flexible, socialize more, and lower your stress levels, among others.

There’s just something about busting a move and swaying to the sound of music that makes everything a lot better. Whether it’s the rhythm of your favorite songs or that satisfying workout you get when you put on your dancing shoes and just have tons of fun. Sometimes, it’s learning all those cool, complicated dance moves only KPop stars seem to master that brings so much joy and satisfaction.

But, whatever your reason may be, there’s one thing you can definitely count on: dancing has an endless list of physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. Thinking about enrolling at a dance studio in Phoenix, Arizona? Here are more reasons to pursue this hobby:

Dancing can help boost your memory

Even if you’re not the most graceful dancer, dancing can still help you age gracefully. A study presented by the New England Journal of Medicine has shown how dancing can help boost a person’s memory and decrease the risk of developing dementia later in life.

Several studies have also proven how aerobic exercise such as dancing can reverse volume loss in that part of our brain that’s responsible in controlling our memory called the hippocampus. During late adulthood, this part of the brain shrinks naturally, which leads to problems such as impaired memory and at times dementia.


Dancing is gentle on your body

Don’t let any chronic health issue you may have or your limited mobility to stop you from reaping the benefits of dancing. There are many forms of dancing that are highly appropriate for people with these conditions, such as ballroom dancing. So, before enrolling in a class at a dance studio in Phoenix, Arizona, discuss your concerns with your doctor and the instructor if you have any concerns about the intensity of a dance class. Most of the time, they can help you make modifications to the class if you need any.

Dancing can lower your stress levels and diminish depression

If you’re feeling a little down and stressed out due to work or school responsibilities, invite your friends, turn up the music, and do some partner dancing. Researchers who did a controlled study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology found out that partner dance accompanied by some fun music allows people to relieve their stress.

The activity also lifts your spirit, according to a separate study conducted to find out the effects of dancing on people suffering from depression. Those who joined an upbeat group dance showed the fewest symptoms of depression..

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