Get Your Children Moving to Become Healthier

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Children can be inconsistent when it comes to physical activity. Sometimes, they are running around screaming until they’re hoarse. Other times they are only sitting in front of the computer screen. Regular physical activity is important to their health, though.     If you’re concerned about getting your child up and about, here are some tips that should help with that problem:

Be Active Yourself

One of the things you need to understand about children is that they will copy you. That is why you must avoid saying expletives around them. If they see you exercise or playing sports, this will catch their interest. Once you have their attention, then you will need to teach them. Whether it is basic exercises or sports, this should get them started on physical activity.

To Have Fun is the Goal

Children are pretty simple when it comes down to having fun. They won’t do something unless they find it fun and exciting. That is why you should focus on making physical activity as exhilarating as possible. Most of your physical activities should focus on being fun and enjoyable.

Younger children should get into the spirit of things but as they grow older, fun games need to transition into sports. The best result would be your child standing out in a particular sport such as baseball or basketball.

Make it Social

children playing at the yard

Most children like being around their friends. You should use that to your advantage. Instead of being active alone, your child would benefit from having a company for physical activity. A regular play date with friends would work for younger children but as they grow older, you will need to take further steps. For example, signing them up for a sports club for children in Bromley and nearby areas would be a good move. This allows them to connect with other children and start being active.

Be Supportive

When you have them ready to play around in your backyard, you’ll need to provide them with adequate help and support. Buy sports items or set up a playpen. It is surprising how much activity children can do with a simple ball. Bikes, rollerblades, and other items are also a great purchase. Biking gives your children mobility and lets them go to places on their own. You can also show your support by attending their sporting events. Don’t miss out on any of their games and bring them to their athletic meets.

Limit Screen Time

The biggest obstacle to your child being active is their addiction to computer games and watching videos. If you want them to be active, you need to set limits on computer time or usage. Limit them to one hour on the computer or mobile screens a day. This will encourage them to go out and be active.

Children only need a push and they will be happy to start running around. But if you want them to be consistently active, you must be a bit more organized. The tips above should help with that. Follow them and your child will have fun and stay physically active on their own.

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