6 Indoor Sports to Try with Your Family This Winter

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Who said that the cold days should only be cuddle weather, not leaving your chair (or bed) until all the snow melts? Stay active this winter and keep burning those calories with these fun indoor sports and activities you can do with the whole family.

Stay Active Together This Winter with These Fun Indoor Sports

1. Bowling

Time to polish your bowling ball that’s been resting up in your closet shelf for months. Lace-up your shoes and take the family out to the nearest bowling alley in town. Spend hours of fun knocking down pins and laughing at your gutter balls.

If you have extra money to burn and space in your home, you can even build your own bowling lane at home with your preferred commercial bowling alley design.

2. Archery

Thanks to Hunger Games and WB’s Arrow, archery has gained popularity in recent years. More youngsters are taking up the sport, hoping to be the next Katniss Everdeen and Oliver Queen.

Take the entire family out to one of the indoor ranges around town or somewhere nearby and try your hand (or hands) at a bow and arrow. One of your kids might be a descendant of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings; you’ll never know.

Most indoor ranges offer group classes that are perfect for your family.

3. Roller Skating

Okay, so winter usually entails ice skating on the lake or inside a rink. Give it a little twist and head out to the roller rink for hours of roller skating fun with the family.

It’s always fun to get your boogie on as you and your family skate and dance around bathed in disco lights and funky music. It’s also a nice trip down memory lane for you and your spouse as you relive junior high memories.

4. Rock/Wall Climbing

If your family is not into dancing, fret not. You can always try something different and new. Grab the entire bunch, get in the car, and head off to one of the indoor wall climbing joints in town.

If you have children who like climbing over furniture and scaling walls pretending to be Spider-Man, this is the perfect activity for them. Bouldering and climbing gyms can accommodate children of all ages — yes, that includes you! This is a great way to push yourself physically, get quality exercise, and spend time with your loved ones.

5. Trampoline Jumping

Kids Jumping on Indoor Trampolines

For parents with kids who have an unlimited supply of energy: if you can’t beat them, join them! Bring the entire family to a trampoline park nearby and experience the joy and freedom of bouncing around for hours on end.

After all, why should you just watch your kids and envy their trampoline time? Parents and children have equal rights to fun. Besides, trampoline jumping is good exercise so you have a good reason to join the fun.

6. Yoga

Time to slow things down a bit and find your zen. It’s time to take care of your mind and inner being. Yoga with the family provides everyone a much-needed break from all the fun yet exhausting things you’ve been doing. Find time to step back, get unplugged, and recharge your mind and body.

While yoga is mostly known as an individual activity, the increase in kid-parent classes shows it can be a great family activity. There are yoga studios that offer classes for the family, so it’s time to find your chakras and balance as a family.

Looks like you no longer have any reason not to exercise this winter, huh? Get off that Lazy Boy and get to sweating! Happy healthy holidays!

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