What You Guys Should Have in Your Wardrobe for Fall

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Fall is such a lovely weather. You get to enjoy the mornings without suffering from heat and sweat, and you get to walk around during evening with your hands tucked inside your coat’s pockets, feeling cozy. The colors have also changed. The greens have gone, while the shades of gold, amber, and yellows have appeared. But fall is not just about a season where you get to enjoy a bowl of shallot soups or tuck inside your blanket. It is also an opportunity to flex your style and create a good impression. Men, this is your chance to show off and up your style game.

Fall fashion is all about two things: standing out and staying comfortable. You have to make sure that both elements are present in your ensemble. While most fall colors are often subdued and neutral, you can always tweak the tradition by adding something outstanding and noticeable. Some guys often struggle with styling themselves, thinking that there are many pieces to layer. But, that is to insulate yourself so you will stay comfortable. If you are looking to assemble your fall wardrobe, here are some of the things that you must have:

Your Layering Essentials

As temperatures drop, it is important that your style game gets hotter — literally and figuratively. You ought to make sure that you will feel snug and cozy with your clothing, so do a better job with layering. This is what you can only do when you have the right pieces. If you are planning to stay on the safe side, the likes of cashmere jacket and Arc’teryx atom jackets are a must-have. Just put them over your long-sleeved henley shirt and you’re good to go. Want to be dressier? Try putting on your unstructured navy blue blazer and your vest. For that ruggedly handsome look, denim and leather jackets make a great choice.

Your Reliable Colored Pants

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When it comes to your pants, you can always go for two ways. When you want to have a safe and elegant statement, navy blue and dark jeans work. Go for selvedge dark jeans for the detail and pattern. These choices are safe, as they somehow warm the eyes during the cold season. If you are feeling adventurous and you want to show that you can create a bold statement, colored chinos are your way to go. The likes of khaki, rust, and olive green may work.

Picking the Right Footwear

Your footwear somehow carries the weight of the entire ensemble. They are what will put everything together, so be careful with your choices. You can warm your feet with chukka boots. Go for full-grain leather if you want a pair that is easy to maintain. Suede is for those who want character. But if you want to create a rugged look, boots from Dr. Martens, Redwing, and Timberland, all make a good choice.

Dressing for fall should be one of your main agendas. Who says you cannot feel cozy without looking comfortable. You will just have to make sure that your creativity is at work when you are trying to flex your style game. Mix and match pieces. Be brave with your combinations, and rock your style well.

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