Gearing Up for the Hunt: Tips for Camouflage Clothing

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Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest activities known to man, dating back to prehistoric times before farming and cultivation even started. There have been cave paintings from the Neolithic era showing humans hunting deer. Today, the practice continues as a regulated activity mostly for sport, although the hunted dear is still used for meat and trophies as they did back in ancient history. Even with advancements in firearms and hunting methods, one thing remains constant: the need for camouflage.

Importance of Camouflage

Primitive hunters used animal skins to hide from potential prey. Today, camouflage relies on clothing with patterns that allow hunters to blend with their environment. Not only does it cover one from the prey, but also hide the hunter from possible predators. As such, the purpose of modern-day camouflage is to allow the hunter to hide, find cover, and get as close as possible to the deer without startling them.

Cover Everything

When it comes to camouflage, it’s important that you’re able to cover everything from head to toe, including your hunting gears. You have to utilize caps and gloves, as well as body paint to cover your face and arms/hands when you go deer hunting. When applying face paint, it’s important to make the pattern irregular and not symmetrical as they may give you away. Your bags should also have camouflage pattern and have no reflective surfaces that could scare off your prey. And speaking of reflective surfaces, your gun or arrow should also have camo wrap to avoid getting spotted, same goes for your binoculars or scope as well.

Cover Your Scent

Deer have a keen sense of smell, so it’s important that you’re also able to mask your scent. As such, before the hunt, make sure that you use scent-free soap and shampoo as the chemical scent of scented cleaning products could alert your prey — the same goes for the cleaning agents you’ll be using for your camouflage gear. It’s imperative that you use odor-eliminating sprays right after you get out of your car and before you start hunting.

Prepare for Temperature Changes and Weather

You should be smart about wearing layers for your hunt and anticipate changes in the weather as it may suddenly get hot or cold during your hunt. As such, you can remove or put on layers during your hunt so you can stay warm and avoid getting sick during your hunting session. It’s also necessary to wear waterproof clothing, or at least a waterproof jacket, boots, and cap to avoid getting wet and cold during the hunt. The last thing you’d want to happen during the hunt is shivering from the cold due to being damp.

Wear Your Orange

Man hunting with dog

It’s always important to bring and wear blaze orange jacket during rifle season to avoid getting shot by other hunters. Deer aren’t that adept at seeing colors, so wearing a blaze orange jacket won’t be a problem.


Camouflage is an integral part of deer hunting and any game hunting in general. So make sure that you properly gear up not only to make it easier for you to hunt down your target but also to keep you safe and comfortable. There are many hunting stores in Michigan that can provide you with all the gear and equipment you need so you could be “dressed for success” in your next hunt.

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